You Should Know Impacts Of Weather To A Person Physical And Mental Health

Increased air temperature can affect heart health. Then, if someone is dehydrated and exposed to a high enough heart attack, it can potentially trigger brain damage. This can certainly influence behavior as well. There are other impacts of weather to a person’s physical and mental health that you must know too. Aside from that, you may want to call the best air conditioning repair company near your area if your air conditioner breaks when the temperature of your house is very hot.

Here are some of those impacts that you need to know:

Low blood pressure during the summer

No wonder you feel more relaxed or lazy in the summer months. Research shows that human blood pressure must decline during the summer. This happens because low temperatures cause your blood vessels to narrow, which can cause a surge in blood pressure.

The moderate climate can give you a feeling of happiness

Researchers found a link between a temperate (or warm) climate and a feeling of happiness. Places with very hot climates are very capable of influencing someone’s emotions.

A warm place can make a person more creative

Research conducted by the University of Michigan says being outdoors during spring has an effect on increasing creative minds. “Being outside with refreshing air can offer brain refreshment,” said one researcher, Matthew Keller.

Hot air temperature can affect the mood

An analysis conducted in Europe found a 10 percent increase above the average birth rate during March. That indicates that fertilization occurs a lot around June. The same research also found that, in summer, male testosterone and female ovulation time increased.

Winter is a season that is prone to illness

Although flu can strike at any time of the year, there are several factors that can cause a person to get sick in the winter. Research has found that the human immune system becomes vulnerable during the transition period, changes from summer to winter. In addition, in the winter, not only humans are trapped inside the house, but the bacteria in the body are the same.

This Is An Important Note For New Property Investors

In addition to having multiple profit percentages, there are a number of other important notes that you should know about this property investment business and even have the potential to provide losses far greater than the capital you spend. Of course, as an investor, you must know some important notes and include weaknesses in property investment so that you can anticipate losses and add value to the sale of the property itself. Aside from that, if you’re also interested in condominium investments, perhaps you need to check out the Riviere condo.

Maintenance Burden

As an investor, you should already know that this property business is not a gratitude business where you live to buy the property and then let the property bear fruit as you wish.

Therefore, to make your assets generate unlimited income, you must ensure that the property is in good condition and that there is no damage whatsoever.

In addition, the property that is left damaged will make the selling price of your assets go down, so you will most likely lose money. Therefore, to avoid it all, you must also provide maintenance costs so that your property is in a well-maintained condition until later it can actually be sold and generate a large profit for you.

Capital-intensive Investment

Property investment can also be said as an investment that is capital intensive or capital intensive. This is because of the greater the capital invested in the property you own, the greater the return on the property investment. but it should be noted, this includes the costs of development, maintenance and of course other facilities that are in your assets.

High Transaction Fees

In order to be able to invest in the property sector, inevitably you have to pay higher costs when compared to investing in other sectors. Some costs that you must meet are taxes related to property and others. In addition, you also need to have high capital, to get the property with high selling power.