6 Things You Need To Know Before Building A Bathroom

Building a bathroom requires special attention and consideration. That’s why not a few people consult with interior designers to design the perfect bathroom. But, of course, it requires a slightly more expensive fee. Don’t change your mind after your bathroom is finished, so you need remodeling. Fortunately, you can ask for help from staff and ideas from bathroom remodel northern virginia because they can provide the best model for the bathroom that you will dismantle foley homes.

Here are 6 things you should know before building a bathroom so you don’t build it 2 times.

1. Function and Use of Furniture
If the bathroom is only used for a small washing area (such as washing hands or washing your face or a separate bathroom for guests), you do not need to buy large furniture in the bathroom.

2. Determine the Location of the Bathroom
The position of the bathroom in a house has an important role, especially in terms of efficiency and usability. Ideally, the bathroom should be near other rooms where water is often used such as washing areas and kitchens. This will greatly assist the installation of a water heating system which must also be installed close to a room that often uses water.

3. Pay attention to Area and floor plan
The area of ​​a bathroom must be highly considered. If it is too large, it will take up space for other adjacent rooms. Therefore, make a rough sketch of the bathroom plan to be built, including the direction of the open door, whether inward or outward.

4. Choosing the Right Bathroom Furniture
The selection of bathroom furniture and fixtures must also be considered. Separating between dry bathroom areas and wet areas is useful for determining the type of material from furniture in the bathroom. In a wet bathroom area, for example, you should use furniture and bathroom equipment that is not damaged even if exposed to water consistently such as bathroom ceramics, marble, and stainless steel.

5. Planning a Dry Area in the Bathroom
This area tends to be used for cleaning activities that do not require much water, such as dressing and brushing teeth. This area is also used to store toiletries such as soap, bath towels, and hair dryers. In a dry bathroom area, make sure there is enough storage space for equipment such as cabinets or cupboards.

6. Pay attention to the Floor and Wall
The material applied to the bathroom must be waterproof, including the floor and walls. Applying regular wall paint to the bathroom is not the right choice. Instead, you apply ceramic to the walls and in a wet bathroom area, and wallpaper in a dry area to beautify the room.

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