Decorate Room With Pillow With Saying

Adding a warm atmosphere to the living room and family room is not only synonymous with the use of paint or wallpaper. You can try to play the furniture in it or add complementary ornaments. One that can be tried is Kissen mit Spruch or pillow with saying. At first glance, it does seem ordinary. But if the selection of the right shape, style, and color can make decorative pillows have many uses. the first function is to be put on the living room chair. In the living room, decorative pillows can be useful as a marker for guests to sit. Usually, decorative pillows placed in the living room are box-shaped and small in size around 40cmX40cm. But for the form itself can be adjusted to the taste and design concept of the living room itself.

Decorative pillows in the living room function as forming the atmosphere and strengthen the color. The choice of decorative pillow colors is recommended to contrast with the sofa used. If you use a sofa with a soft color, you can choose decorative pillows with bright or patterned colors. This can strengthen the color of the sofa and form the atmosphere as previously explained. If you use a chair with a rough texture, the selection of decorative pillowcases can use a soft texture like cotton. The sofa does not always have to use decorative pillows of the same color. In one chair you can use various colors and patterns of decorative pillows. However, harmony with chairs and walls must be considered.

Different rooms have different functions. In the family room, in addition to forming an atmosphere, decorative pillows also add a warm atmosphere. These decorative pillows can melt the atmosphere of a stiff room. Therefore, the recommended decorative pillows for the family room is a pillow with a large size placed on the floor. Decorative pillows can be a room ornament that is easy to find and does not cost a fortune. For certain types of decorative pillows, simply replace the pillow cover if you want to display a different atmosphere without having to buy a new one.

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