There Are Some Tips To Maintain Garage Door Rails

There are many garage door components that you need to maintain regularly. This is important so you can use your garage door comfortably. One such component is the garage door rail. Meanwhile, if your garage door rails are damaged, we recommend you to hire an expert from Sears Garage Doors Tampa.

In this article, we will share tips for caring for garage door rails with you, such as:

Top rail & top wheel

You always pay attention to the top rails not to dry or always lubricate, because if the top rails dry will affect the movement of the upper wheels so that when opening or closing, the garage door will feel heavy.
And if this situation is left for a long time it will impact on the damage to the top wheels and your garage door can not be opened or closed
It will be worse again your garage door can collapse or fall

So that the top rails & top wheels don’t dry, always make sure to give grease or better known as grease.
Put enough grease (don’t overdo it because it can pollute the door leaf) into the rails on both sides and preferably on the rail connection.
Maximum provision of grease/fat every 3 months or more often is better…

Bottom rail

Make sure the bottom rail is always clean because if there is dirt inside the rail it will inhibit the smooth movement of the lower wheel.
Make sure the bottom rail is always dry because of the bottom rail is wet (stagnant water) will impact on the rust of the lower wheels so that the bottom wheels will be damaged.
So that the water does not stagnate in the rails make a drain (made before installing the garage rail).

Hinges, wing wheels up / down & latch

Make sure these components are always lubricated

It’s because of closing the garage door.
To avoid it all use oil or any oil, including cooking oil.
Drops of oil to taste (do not overdo it so as not to pollute the leaves of the door) at the meeting of the hinges, wing wheels or holes in the latch.

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