Use Of Wheelchairs In Europe

The need for wheelchair cushions is increasing from year to year. Besides being a better shape and comfortable for its users, this type is also affordable for some circles. Did you know that wheelchairs are not found by countries with great scientists like Europe or America?

Wheelchairs are expected to enter Europe around the 12th century together with the creation or invention of wheelbarrows. However, the use of pushchairs was first noted by people in Europe around the 17th century.

At the beginning of the century, German mechanic and inventor Johann Hautsch made several revolving chairs in N├╝rnberg, and around 1655 a German watchmaker named Stephan Farfler made a wheelchair with three wheels which he could use using a rotary handle on the front of the wheel.
Later, other types of wheeled chairs using the various crank and rotary equipment began to be discovered and their number and use in the community increased from the late 17th century.

These tools are intentionally designed as a means of transportation, especially for people who aristocratic or come from the nobility alias rich.

In the 18th century, wheelchairs began to appear in catalogs of surgical and medical devices, where they were advertised as vehicles for patients. At that time, the shape of the wheelchair used was similar to an armchair, made of wood, wicker, or iron, with a large wheel on the front and a caster (a type of small 2-inch diameter tire) at the back to maintain balance.

Around 1750, the British inventor named James Heath introduced a bathing chair aimed at women with disabilities. The shower chair was a popular means of transportation at that time, especially in Victorian England, where it served as a tool for people who were injured, sick, or disabled and as a means of transportation for the rich.

Towards the middle of the 19th century, wheelchairs with wooden frames and cane chairs made of sugar cane were introduced. They are widely used in the United States by Civil War veterans.

At the end of the 19th century, the wheelchair was re-modified as a wheel with wire spokes and rubber tires. With these developments, however, independent mobility with most wheelchairs remains limited to the environment and space.

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