What Is E-Commerce?

E-Commerce, in general, can be interpreted as a sale and purchase transaction electronically through internet media. In addition, e-commerce can also be interpreted as a business process using electronic technology that connects companies, consumers and the public in the form of electronic transactions and the exchange or sale of goods, services, and information electronically. Meanwhile, if you want to provide a quick-loading e-commerce web page for your customer, we suggest you try the Fast Shopify theme for it.

In doing E-Commerce the use of the internet is a favorite choice by most people because of the conveniences possessed by the internet network, namely:

a. The easiness of the Internet

b. The internet uses electronic data as a medium for delivering messages/data so that sending and receiving of information is easy and concise, both in the form of analog and digital electronic data.

So that the presence of E-Commerce as a new, fast and easy transaction media certainly benefits many parties, both the consumers, the producers and sellers (retailers). By using the internet, the buying and selling process can be done by saving costs and time.

E-Commerce Supporting Factors

1. Wide coverage
2. Fast transaction processing
3. E-Commerce can encourage the creativity of the seller quickly and accurately and the distribution of information conveyed takes place periodically.
4. E-commerce is informative, efficient, and also cheap.
5. E-Commerce can increase customer satisfaction, with fast, easy, safe and accurate service.

Types of E-commerce Transactions

1. Business to Business (B2B)
2. Bussines to Consumer (B2C)
3. Consumer to Consumer (C2C)
4. Consumer to Business (C2B)
5. Non-Business Electronic Commerce
6. Electronic Commerce (Organizational) Intrabussines.

Advantages of E-Commerce

a. The advantage gained by consumers is to search for goods and purchase online easily, enough shopping at a place.

b. The advantage of online shop business is that the sales process is easier, more efficient, without errors, on time.

c. The advantage obtained by management or e-commerce companies is to get increased revenue and customer loyalty.


Security is one component or service needed to run E-Commerce. To guarantee security, there need to be capabilities in the field that can be obtained through research and understanding.

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